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FEM Racking and Shelving

Welcome to  the FEM Racking and Shelving (R&S) Product Group, (formerly known as the European Racking Federation) that represents, promotes and protects the interests of the Racking and Shleving Industry by:

  • Establishing a source of information for manufacturers, distributors, test houses, control organisations, users, teaching bodies and government authorities
  • Facilitating European discussion about technical, commercial and economic storage equipment and methods issues
  • Facilitating European collaboration
    • definition and classification of equipment
    • terminology
    • production of standards
    • safety and quality
    • market data
    • ­research and development
  • Publishing a range of studies and documents promoting safer utilisation of storage equipment
  • Promoting any other activity of value to manufacturers and users

Our Mission Statement

The FEM R&S of national manufacturers Associations has the aim of influencing all manufacturers and the market worldwide towards common, cost effective, safe technical standards.


Please note that for an Association to become a member of this FEM Product Group, they must also be a member of FEM, within the eligibility criteria of FEM (see website Subscription fees are payable to both FEM and FEM R&S on an annual basis.

Information Bulletin

Storage Equipment Information Bulletin No. 9 Cantilever
Information Bulletin
  • Revisions to 10.2.09 Design of Cantilever Racking Please note that minor revisions have been made to serviceability loads and Formulae F1, F3 and F4. ...Further Reading

Latest News

ERF Annual General Meetings
Latest News
  •   The next Annual General Meeting will take place in association with the FEM Congreess, in Antwerp, Belgium on 13th September 2018 FEM R&S ...Further Reading

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